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web design

about the web design program

The first step to creating effective websites is to learn the coding languages that tell a browser what to display on a user’s screen. Our learning path covers HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and front-end web design and development basics. While there are many ways to create websites with drag-and-drop templates, employers expect professional web designers to be fluent in coding languages to create custom-built websites and web-based applications.

The program flows at a pace determined by each individual participant, but to get the most from the experience, this program is designed to be completed within 6-10 weeks.

what you’ll learn


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the default file format for web documents. You’ll need to know HTML to add information and different types of content to a website.

~ 35 hours


Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) tell web browsers how to display fonts, colours, shapes and even animations. This language adds the element of style to the information on your website.

~ 17 hours


You’ll be able to write front-end client side code, back-end code for servers, or ever develop games, with JavaScript, the most widely-deployed programming language in the world.

~ 26 hours

additional courses

job search

Even before you begin looking for employment, it’s important to assess your skills, attitude, and responsibilities. This course path will make sure you’re ready to find and keep a job and grow your career.

workplace productivity

This course path will help you develop strong communication, the ability to deal with customers and difficult people, and various other transferable skills in addition to your technical web design and development training.

career kickstarter workshop

Through a series of 3 virtual workshops and 1 employer panel, you will be guided through a series of steps to discover your unique career targets and create a strategy to work towards realizing your career goals. In these sessions guided by EnPoint, you will gain a better understanding of your career objectives, learn how to leverage industry networks, uncover “hidden” opportunities, and understand how to position yourself to get the job you want! 

important dates

september 11: applications close

september 21: program orientation (12pm NS/12:30pm NL)

october 5: career kickstarter #1 (12pm NS/12:30pm NL)

october 13: career kickstarter #2 (12pm NS/12:30pm NL)

october 19: career kickstarter #3 (12pm NS/12:30pm NL)

october 26: tech employer panel (12pm NS/12:30pm NL)

november 16: program end

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This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Adult Learning, Literacy and Essential Skills Program