Community Partners

Want to get Involved?

Community partnerships add significant value to the Skills for Hire Atlantic program. We are very interested in working collaboratively and strategically to provide wrap-around support to individuals who are looking to get into the tech space in Atlantic Canada.

Through collaboration with our community partners, we can effectively address the unprecedented growth and demand for talent in the tech sector in Atlantic Canada. Each community partner brings their own unique resources and capabilities to the table. This holistic approach enables our program to thrive, creating countless meaningful employment opportunities within the tech sector in Atlantic Canada.

Partnership Opportunity Examples

Promote the Program

Share and promote this program across your networks, social channels, and through your newsletters.

Share Feedback

Offer feedback on learning accommodations and needs, so we can continue to make the program better for our participants.

Recommend Participants

If you work with clients, recommend this program to those who are interested in exploring a career within the tech sector. We can speak with case workers/clients to directly provide more information about the SFHA program.

Engage Employers

Share the opportunity to be involved with potential employers to help secure meaningful jobs for our graduates.

Update our Participants

Offer information sessions to our participants to raise awareness about your organization’s services offered, and how they can access these supports.

Customizable Arrangement

If you would like to get involved in other ways, reach out and we can work out a customizable arrangement.

Want to get involved in the Skills for Hire Atlantic program as a community partner? Reach out to us!

Our Implementation Partners

Implementation Partners work collaboratively with our program to provide our participants with invaluable experiences. Through this relationship, our Implementing Partners help support us work towards our goal of integrating our participants into the tech sector of Atlantic Canada.

Our Promotional Partners

Promotional Partners promote our program across their networks while applications are open which ensures individuals all over Atlantic Canada are familiar with the Skills for Hire Atlantic program. We are truly appreciative of our promotional partners for their continuous efforts, permitting us to upskill hundreds of learners every year.