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about the program

The Cyber Security program consists of two courses: Survey of Information Security, and CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501).

 In the Survey of Information Security series you will learn fundamental information security concepts such as confidentiality, integrity, and availability, as well as cryptography basics. You will also learn the different approaches to network and systems security, as well as the various types of security assessments including risk assessments, vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, and threat modeling. By the end of the course you will know the purpose of security compliance and the major compliance standards.

The CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) series will teach you how to install and configure systems to secure applications, networks and devices. You will be able to perform threat analysis and respond with appropriate mitigation techniques, as well as participate in risk mitigation activities and operate with an awareness of policies, laws and regulations. Important note: These courses will also help you prepare for the CompTIA Security+ (exam code SY0-501), but does not include the exam.

The program flows at a pace determined by each individual participant, but to get the most from the experience, these two courses are designed to be completed within 6-10 weeks.

what you’ll learn

Survey of Information Security

Introduction to Information Security

Learn about the foundational principles of information security, such as confidentiality, integrity, governance, risk management, and compliance. 

~ 3 hours


Learn about how cryptography fits into an overall security strategy for any business or government entity, and understand how encryption plays a vital role in the security strategy of any business.

~ 1.5 hours

Security Architecture and Design

Learn about all the major components of information security, how they fit together, and how to architect them according to best practices, to protect a company’s data and digital assets.

~ 4.5 hours

Incident Detection and Response

Learn to detect and respond to security incidents before they occur to minimize damage to an organization, and be more prepared prior to an incident occurring, to ensure a better outcome.

~ 1 hour

Digital Forensics

Gain a foundational knowledge of digital forensics that will help you not only understand this field better but also understand your responsibility with digital devices.

~ 1 hour

Security Management

Learn how to organize and establish a security management function within an organization, as well as the different roles and responsibilities involved in security management.

~ 3 hours

Vulnerability Management

Develop a deeper understanding of the basics of the vulnerability management process and the importance of its implementation.

~ 1.5 hours

Penetration Testing

Learn how penetration testing is used to improve the security of a network and the techniques and tools used to conduct the testing.

~ 2.5 hours

Threat Modeling

Gain a foundational understanding of threat modelling that will help you strategically identify opportunities for attack, and then use that information to ensure that your applications and environments are protected.

~ 1 hour

Information Systems Auditing

Gain an overview of IS auditing and the ways to be a more effective auditor along with being readily equipped to support an ongoing audit.

~ 1.5 hours

Security Compliance

Develop a foundational knowledge of many security compliance programs and be confident talking to your peers or clients about these programs.

~ 1.5 hours

ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security

If you’re considering the ISO/IEC 27001 certification, completing this course will give you the confidence to achieve this security milestone. You’ll learn essential knowledge of what is required to get your organization certified to this international standard.When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to get your organization certified to an international information security standard.

~ 2 hours

CompTIA Security+ (Pathway to Certification)

Technologies and Tools

You will be introduced to networking hardware, as well as the software that supports it, required for a business to maintain organizational security.

~ 4 hours

Architecture and Design

You will be introduced to the multi-pronged approach of information security, focusing on the architecture and design that supports it.

~ 4 hours

Identity and Access Management

Gain a better understanding of user account and access management, and you’ll be able to take this knowledge into the Security+ exam.

~ 2 hours

Risk Management

Learn what’s required to assess an organization’s operational risk, the methods used to conduct a forensic investigation, and how to keep a business operational leveraging disaster recovery and business continuity concepts.

~ 3.5 hours

Cryptography and PKI

Learn the information necessary to discuss and assess a company’s PKI, wireless security posture, and identify gaps both internally and externally.

~ 2 hours

additional courses

job search

Even before you begin looking for employment, it’s important to assess your skills, attitude, and responsibilities. This course path will make sure you’re ready to find and keep a job and grow your career.

workplace productivity

This course path will help you develop strong communication, the ability to deal with customers and difficult people, and various other transferable skills in addition to your technical web design and development training.

career kickstarter workshop

Through a series of 3 virtual workshops and 1 employer panel, you will be guided through a series of steps to discover your unique career targets and create a strategy to work towards realizing your career goals. In these sessions guided by EnPoint, you will gain a better understanding of your career objectives, learn how to leverage industry networks, uncover “hidden” opportunities, and understand how to position yourself to get the job you want! 

important dates

october 12: applications close

october 19: program orientation (12pm AST/12:30pm NST)

november 4: career kickstarter #1 (TBD)

november 12: career kickstarter #2 (TBD)

november 18: career kickstarter #3 (TBD)

november 25: tech employer panel (TBD)

december 14: program end

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