Data Analytics student of the month

Throughout each cohort we take the opportunity to highlight standout students from each learning group. These students are some of many who have gone above and beyond with their work ethic, their attendance and their assignment grades. Congratulations to all!

A curious person by nature, with a innate love for data, Wei Wu has been recognized as a Skills for Hire Atlantic Student of the Month! Wei joined the Skills for Hire Data Analytics program because she enjoys opportunities to learn new skills and expand her knowledge – she shared that these opportunities keep her grateful and motivated. As a community minded individual, eventually she hopes that the gains she makes in these learning opportunities will allow her to give back to her community.

“The professional courses provided by Skills for Hire Atlantic keep pace with the times, allowing me to quickly understand and master new technologies that I thought were out of reach in the past. In addition, the panels on career development have also benefited me a lot.”

When we asked about her dream job, Wei shared that she wants to work in data analytics and is eager to continue to learn and apply her knowledge. In her everyday life or work, she is excited to encounter data analysis-related matters, it is a skill, passion and interest that she believes will never fade.

If you wish to get in contact with Wei Wu, you can find her on LinkedIn or via her Email: [email protected]

With a passion for coding and a love for problem solving and analysis, Millet Medalla is our final student of the month for June 2023. Migrating to Canada from the Phillippines in 2019, Millet has a degree in Business Management and a postgraduate degree in Computer Science. For the past 17 years Millet has worked as an analyst in the financial industry. She has always wanted to pursue a career in IT but unfortunately a lack of experience has proven to make this difficult.

Millet saw Skills for Hire as her opportunity to get the experience she needed. “When I discovered this training opportunity, I realized it could be my gateway to enter the IT industry. I believe that this training will provide me with the necessary skills and knowledge to bridge the gap between my current experience and the requirements of the IT field. I believe this will allow me to pursue a career in IT specifically as a data analyst.”

When asked what Millet liked about Skills for Hire she said that it is both informative and organized. She explains that the modules provided are highly relevant to data analytics, thus making the overall experience highly valuable.

Millet has noticed many opportunities for personal and professional growth within the tech field, which has further fueled her passion for data analytics. She is fascinated by the rapid expansion and remarkable growth of the IT industry. Excited by the innovations in the field and eager to start, she wants to pursue a career in IT as it has been a passion of hers since living in the Philippines.

To get in contact with Millet, you can go to her LinkedIn in here or via her email [email protected]