Career Development

About the Career Development Program

In addition to the technical content within the Skills for Hire Atlantic program, thanks to our friends at EnPoint you will have access to professional career development supports.

What you will learn

Participants are guided through a series of steps to help them articulate their career target and create a strategy to work towards realizing that target, complete with goals, timelines, and resources needed to achieve those goals. They will gain a better understanding of their career goals (or how to gain a clearer understanding) and an appreciation for how to leverage their networks, uncover “hidden” opportunities, and appropriately position themselves for their ideal opportunities post-graduation. Participants will be provided a worksheet to complete that outlines their plan.

Participants will learn how to structure and style their resume to stand out from other candidates. It is recommended participants bring/have their resume (electronic or hard copy) “in hand” while we go through the session so that they can identify where they need to make additions and/or edits. Best practices and tips will be shared on how to:

  • Nail the summary section
  • Showcase personality (no templates here!)
  • Connect interests to the industry/industries of choice
  • Show-off capabilities
  • Demonstrate consistency
  • Align with their “pitch”

Participants will learn how to structure their cover letter as well as gain an understanding of the different forms a “cover letter” can take so that they can effectively use this tool in any job search process. Examples will be shared of successful and not so successful cover letters and introductory emails so that participants can apply learnings to their own job search.

Participants will leave the session with:

  • an increased awareness of how critical networking is to their career,
  • a better sense of their networking style
  • best practices to maximize effects of networking
  • tips and tricks for how to overcome common networking obstacles.

Participants will learn about typical interviewing processes and how to effectively prepare for each step from phone screens to group interviews. We’ll talk about tips and tricks on how to prepare, reduce nerves, answer questions fully and in a way that sets candidates up for success, follow-up, demonstrate interest in an opportunity or company, and navigate the “salary question”.

Participants will assess what online profiles they need and learn why they are important to their job search. They’ll learn how to structure and style their LinkedIn profile and other online profiles to stand out from other candidates. They are encouraged to make edits to their profiles as we walk through the following best practices and tips:

  • Showcasing personality
  • Connecting interests to the industry/industries of choice
  • Showing-off capabilities
  • Demonstrating consistency,
  • Aligning with their “pitch”
  • Maximizing the reach and impact of online tools

EnPoint Career Strategist, One-on-One Support

These one-on-one meetings compliment content from workshops and allow you to incorporate topics into your personal plan with your needs in mind. They will help you focus on your biggest opportunities, remove individual obstacles and support you in creating an effective, meaningful and realistic strategy to advance and/or start your career in the tech sector in the region.

  • Showcasing personality
  • Connecting interests to the industry
  • Showing-off capabilities
  • Demonstrating consistency
  • Aligning with their "pitch"
  • Maximizing the reach and impact of online tools

Program Benefits

By participating in this program you have access to a team of Career Strategists who have experience helping 100s of participants like you find career success.

Program Eligibility

You must be 18 years or older and have completed a high school GED or equivalent. You must also be a resident of Nova Scotia, Newfoundland & Labrador, New Brunswick or Prince Edward Island.