Ready, Set, Learn: SFHA Cohort #2 is Here

With just over 450 participants geared up to learn new skills over the next 20 weeks with cohort #2 – we are thrilled to present our first students of the month from the data analytics program! So far participants have displayed a tireless work ethic and tremendous attitudes leaving us extremely excited for the remainder of the program.

Our first data analytics student of the month is Chris Hopkins. Chris grew up in Cornwall, Prince Edward Island and graduated from the University of New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Arts in History. Chris now resides in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island and is currently working in the financial

industry. Throughout his career, Chris gained experience working with data, which developed into a strong interest in the field of data analytics. After learning about what the Skills for Hire Atlantic program has to offer, Chris knew it was a perfect opportunity to enhance his skillset.

“A lot of the concepts presented in the course are putting a name to things I had already been doing. It has been very interesting to see just how well thought out and formalized data analytics is.”

When asked about the highlights of the Skills for Hire Atlantic program so far, Chris mentioned the knowledge that he’s acquired so far: “ I had little to no exposure to most of the material prior to this course but only 4 weeks in, I feel like I have learned a lot.”

If you would like to contact Chris, he can be reached on linkedin

Our second highlighted data analytics student of the month is Meaghan May. After moving back to her hometown of Halifax Nova Scotia in 2021, Meaghan decided it was time for a career change. With previous experience working with data, Meaghan was keen to learn new skills throughout the Skills for Hire Atlantic program to meet her goal of obtaining an entry level position in the tech sector. Meghan had previously completed Digital Nova Scotia’s Get Into IT program and was very excited for the opportunity to participate in the Skills for Hire Atlantic program.

“I waited eagerly for the next cohort of the Skills for Hire program and applied as soon as it opened.”

“I’ve always had an aptitude for investigation, with a curious mind and great attention to detail, so the prospect of using data to understand customer behavior, identify problems, increase profits and provide business insights really appealed to me.”

So far the Skills for Hire Atlantic program is providing Meghan with opportunities for growth in multiple different areas:
“I love that Skills for Hire Atlantic provides learners with a clear and progressive path to build skills and knowledge. I appreciate the balance between hard skill development, local labour market information and career-building advice.”

If you would like to contact Meaghan, she can be reached on linkedin.

Our next data analytics student of the month is Cindy Hudec. Originally from France, Cindy moved to Moncton, New Brunswick in 2017 to complete her research doctorate in Life Sciences. Since graduating from the University of Moncton in 2021, Cindy has acquired various professional experiences. Cindy saw the Skills for Hire Atlantic program as the perfect opportunity to broaden her skills and create more professional opportunities in her future.

“I chose to participate in the data analysis training offered by Elevate your Skills in order to complement my scientific expertise but also to broaden my scope of possibilities for a potential professional retraining in IT.”

When asked about what she has enjoyed about the Skills for Hire Atlantic program so far, Cindy mentioned: “The opportunity to develop my skills in a field that applies to different sectors of activity and this in a completely autonomous way, with great flexibility, and weekly monitoring by an expert in the field.”

Want to get in touch with any of our students? Reach out to [email protected] !