Wanted: Tech Talent in Cybersecurity

You’ve heard it before—tech is booming in Atlantic Canada—and with that comes the increased need for better cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity plays an ever-important part in our day-to-day lives and is of utmost importance to most large organizations and tech sector professionals. In an increasingly digital world, most of us are seeing the very real impacts of cyber threats, and in turn, understanding the value in having a robust workforce in the cybersecurity field.

While the rise in cyber threats has only grown, it seems that access to cybersecurity professionals has not kept up. According to TechTalent.ca, Canada is currently facing an ongoing cybersecurity talent shortage. With a surge in demand, it is estimated that at least 25,000 cybersecurity roles are left empty. Staffing shortages in the cybersecurity sector were being felt before the pandemic and the need has only grown since then.

In response to this pressing issue, Digital Nova Scotia, with a mandate to support the growth of the tech industry in the province, has adapted its Skills for Hire Atlantic program to address the ongoing talent shortage. The program is now accepting applications for its next cohort, offering entry-level training in cybersecurity and data analytics from individuals across all four Atlantic provinces. The program is set to commence on July 10th, and the application window will remain open until June 12th, 9am.

The current cohort of the program is undergoing training in data analytics and website development, with their graduation scheduled for June 16th. Many of these learners will soon be actively seeking entry-level employment opportunities within the tech sector.

The Skills for Hire Atlantic program serves as a vital initiative to bridge the cybersecurity talent gap and equip individuals with the necessary skills to contribute to the industry’s growth. By fostering a pipeline of qualified professionals, Digital Nova Scotia aims to fortify the region’s cybersecurity workforce and meet the escalating demands of the digital landscape.
Interested individuals are encouraged to seize this opportunity by submitting their applications for the program and embark on a career in the ever-important field of cybersecurity.

With a mandate to support the growth of the tech industry in the province, Digital Nova Scotia, through the Skills for Hire Atlantic program has pivoted in attempts to support this ongoing shortage. Applications for the next cohort are currently open and the program is offering entry level training in cybersecurity and data analytics to interested parties across all four Atlantic provinces.