Web development students of the month

Throughout each cohort we take the opportunity to highlight standout students from each learning group. These students are some of many who have gone above and beyond with their work ethic, their attendance and their assignment grades. Congratulations to all!

Our first student of the month for May 2023 is Mojgan Dadras. Mojgan joined the Skills for Hire Atlantic program holding a bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering. After relocating to Newfoundland in 2019 and superior performance Mojgan quickly found herself promoted to a manager’s position. A student in our web development stream, she aspires to pursue a new career in the tech industry.

“Web development is a rapidly growing field in the tech industry. I am passionate about web development and by considering my previous successes and my talent in designing, I am trying to learn and develop my skills in web development.”

Mojgan hopes to be able to combine her talents in design, problem solving and creativity with her knowledge of the tech industry to create new opportunities for herself and really dive into her new career path.
If you are looking to connect with Mojgan, you can find her on LinkedIn here or via email [email protected]

Our second student of the month is Zo. Originally from Madagascar, Zo studied with Skills for Hire in the web development stream. He currently works as an industrial butcher but strives to work in the web domain.

When we asked what he likes the most about the program, he told us “What I really like about this program is that there are people who want to help and provide follow-ups and encourage learning for participants. Thanks to all of you, no one could do better.”

Zo is most interested in “being able to create freely, to make our imaginations and our ideas possible.”

As a dream job, Zo aspires to work in the film industry, specifically in video editing. He is also interested in the field of video games as a creator or in art. He wants to work in a field where there is freedom to create and invent.

If you are interested in getting in touch with any students past or present – reach out to [email protected]